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Future-Proof Infrastructure 

Future-Proof Infrastructure is an annually held early-stage infrastructure congress and expo that showcases sustainable investment opportunities around the topics of different fields. It aims to facilitate the financing and execution of sustainable infrastructures by bringing together key decision-makers and stakeholders around curated, bankable projects.


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Companies and projects present their latest sustainability solutions at the central communication venue of the event.

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Various formats will give you insights into current research, best practices an state-of-the-art technologies. 

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Networking & side events

Global marketplace for sustainable early-stage infrastructure projects, investors and industry suppliers. The Networking Dinner Party provides an extended opportunity for networking. 

Tracks & Topics

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Facts & Figures

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Target Groups

On our platform, we want to facilitate the financing and execution of sustainable infrastructures by bringing together key decision-makers and stakeholders around curated, bankable projects. 

Project Developers 

  • Need: Access to financing as well as suppliers and advisors for products and services. 
  • Opportunity: Present their projects at the exhibition, matchmaking or through a case study in order to attract investors and suppliers. 


Public Entities

  • Need: Showcase their infrastructure investment plans to mobilise investors' interest. 
  • Opportunity: Present their project opportunities at the exhibition in order to attract project developers and investors. 


  • Need: Access to projects or project developers to position their products and services.
  • Opportunity: Present their products and services at the exhibition, demonstrate the proficiency of their solutions during labs or case studies, or position themselves as presenting partners (sponsoring). 



  • Need: Access to project opportunities from public entities or project developers.
  • Opportunity: Partnering and matchmaking as well as connecting to co-funders and project developers of high-impact projects. 

Hybrid Platform

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A true added value: Our project curation process

Each project will be carefully curated by GIB applying widely acknowledged standards. 

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SmartSuisse23 Kontakt Brand Director Julien Rousseau

Julien Rousseau

Brand Director

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Louis Downing

CEO GIB Foundation

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Pablo Nunez

Director, Investor Relations GIB Foundation

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Stefanie Stritt

Project Manager

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Noemi Schmidt

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