Future-Proof Infrastructure is an annually held early-stage infrastructure congress and expo that showcases sustainable investment opportunities around different topics. It aims to facilitate the financing and execution of sustainable infrastructures by bringing together key decision-makers and stakeholders around curated, bankable projects. In 2023, FPI will take the form of a digital touchpoint. In addition to cleaving our induced carbon emissions, the digital format will enable us to inclusively engage with a wider audience on critical topics regarding how we plan and finance sustainable and resilient infrastructure for the future. You’ll discover the Future-Proof Infrastructure Platform, showcasing curated early-stage projects and featuring innovative and visionary financial partners, and get a glimpse into what is planned in the coming year, including the next physical meeting.

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Future-Proof Infrastructure event 2023 is moving to a virtual format, to be held on the 28th of March.

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Tracks & Topics

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Target Groups

On our platform, we want to facilitate the financing and execution of sustainable infrastructures by bringing together key decision-makers and stakeholders around curated, bankable projects. 

Project Developers 

  • Need: Access to financing as well as suppliers and advisors for products and services. 
  • Opportunity: Present their projects at the exhibition, matchmaking or through a case study in order to attract investors and suppliers. 


Public Entities

  • Need: Showcase their infrastructure investment plans to mobilise investors' interest. 
  • Opportunity: Present their project opportunities at the exhibition in order to attract project developers and investors. 


  • Need: Access to projects or project developers to position their products and services.
  • Opportunity: Present their products and services at the exhibition, demonstrate the proficiency of their solutions during labs or case studies, or position themselves as presenting partners (sponsoring). 



  • Need: Access to project opportunities from public entities or project developers.
  • Opportunity: Partnering and matchmaking as well as connecting to co-funders and project developers of high-impact projects. 

Hybrid Platform

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A true added value: Our project curation process

Each project will be carefully curated by GIB applying widely acknowledged standards. 

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